Welcome To Ocean Wishes

Promote, Protect and Preserve Our Marine Environments

Ocean Wishes, a non-profit worldwide organization making undersea dreams come true for children throughout the world. Ocean wishes strives to promote education and foster the protection and preservation of the Earth’s marine environments. Ocean Wishes is the ability to make a wish that makes a difference.

Each wish can reach out to cultures and communities around the global to help us promote to families making better choices for the ocean. Through scholarships, beginner, advanced training grants and marine oriented programs as well as outreach projects.

  • We reach out around the world to support marine environmental projects.
  • We empower todays youth to become ambassadors of the sea and educate families on preservation and impact.
  • We help support and protect precious marine life from over fishing and pollution.
  • we promote awareness of our responsibility to those in need.
  • We help preserve precious life through contributions of money, school supply donations, volunteer work and empowering exploration of our oceans through scuba diving.

New Fundraisers: Namaste Nepal and our Ocean Wishes General Fund.

In 2010 through 2015: Kids Sea Camp has continued to provide to date $9,000 (18 dive training grants) to Woman Diver Hall Of Fame each year.  $24,000 in trip donations for scholarships with Ocean Pals, WDHOF,BTS, Boston Sea Rovers, Shark Savers, Pangea Seed, Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, and many others.  We believe by fostering direct hands on experience with our beautiful undersea world children and their parents will make better choices how to live with and love our marine environments.  Ocean  wishes also sponsors many children around the U.S. and the places traveled through Kids Sea Camp (www.kidsseacamp.com) children in local communities such as Grand Cayman, Yap, Utila, Galapagos and Fiji through work shops, outreach programs and scuba diving certifications.   Wishes made by you!   Its as easy as making a wish for an under privileged child or family member  that you feel would desire to become a certified scuba diver. We sponsor  up to 10 beginner scuba courses each year through our make a wish program.

We believe when people understand and appreciate the beauty of our oceans they will grow into motivated adults committed to protecting the environment for future generations. Experience is a powerful teacher and Ocean Wishes is dedicated to giving children and their families an opportunity to experience the underwater world.

Ocean Wishes:

  • Grants wishes of underprivileged children and their families to take part in Kids Sea Camp diving programs.
  • Sponsors local children in countries such as Grand Cayman, Utila, Yap, Palau, Little Cayman, Roatan, St. Lucia and Bonaire, to participate in PADI scuba diving programs.
  • Contributes to outreach programs, disaster relief, marine parks and marine animal protection programs or projects in any all islands cultures around the world..

Ocean Wishes is dedicated to promote, protect and preserve our underwater world for future generations to enjoy. Ocean Wishes is a 501c and is now taking tax deductible donations.

Ocean Wishes is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) C15296 of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.