2017 Basic Dive Training Grant Winners

Ocean Wishes; Margo Peyton and Tom Peyton donates
4 grants totaling $2000 to the Women’ Diver’s Hall of Fame Foundation

Hanna Schriber
Hannah is a high school senior, looking forward to studying marine biology and oceanography in the years to come. In the past, she has volunteered at the Vancouver Aquarium helping to educate more students in the wonders of marine life and conservation efforts. While she has always had a fascination with the ocean off BC’s coast, she really started to enjoy skimming its waters in dinghies and teaching others to sail. She is excited for the opportunity to delve beneath the surface and find where her true passions lie. Grant $500

Kiera Kymissis
Kiki is 11 years old and thrilled to receive this grant to begin her scuba training! She enjoys being outside exploring nature, especially snorkeling in the ocean.  Kiki particularly loves analyzing the sand for clues that lead to hidden marine life. You never know what you might find! She spends time every week in her school’s maker club creating solutions for problems that she and her classmates identify around their school.  Kiki hopes to combine engineering with her love for animals in a career as a marine vet, helping injured animals by constructing devices that can replace lost capacities. Grant $500

Julia Allen
Julia is in 5th grade. She enjoys snorkeling and exploring mangroves. A swimmer through and through, Julia has completed two, ocean-mile swim competitions and played water polo for two years. She hopes to play water polo in college. Last year, Julia built an ROV and competed in the Florida MATE competition. For her science project, she tested AUV hulls in her grandmother’s pool. She was invited to present her project at the 2016 Ocean Science Meeting Youth Symposium. This year her short video, “The Polar Bear, the Cow and the Penguin” took the Viewers’ Choice Award at the Youth Making Ripples Film Festival. Grant $500

Nadia Letendre
Nadia is 14 years old, is in grade 8 and recently completed the “Marine Biologist-in-Training” program sponsored by the New England Aquarium. Nadia is fascinated with animal life and the care and preservation of our aquatic ecosystem. Nadia has been scuba diving for more than four years and has completed her Junior PADI diver certification. Nadia’s goal is to further her scuba training in the areas of ecology, conservation and marine life as well as in the technical aspects of advanced diving, such as in navigation, photography, rescue and others. Nadia’s long-range goal is to train to help care for and medically assist aquatic animals. Grant $500

Rebuild Dominicia

Helping Dominica I am personally urging you to help Ocean Wishes Foundation, to assist the children and their families of Dominica. We as you know have friends in Dominica with Buddy Dive and Fort Young. We are trying to raise $5,000 – $10,000 in funds for this “Rebuild Dominica” project to supply them with the… Continue Reading

Geovani’s Ocean Wish

Young divers who are passionate about our underwater world and getting them in the water is our mission at Ocean Wishes. Make-an-ocean-wish helps kids explore scuba and learn to protect and love our oceans. Geovani has been part of our program for the past two years in Grand Cayman. He has been part of the seal team and… Continue Reading

Scholarship Recipient Kaiden Buscemi

Each year we award a Women Divers Hall of Fame/­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Kids Sea Camp training grant to up and coming divers. This year we would like to congratulate Kaiden Buscemi! “Today was my fifth dive since my PADI Scuba certification, and I absolutely loved it! I am so happy to have won the grant, and I can’t… Continue Reading

Reasons for giving

Be selfish and give today — just for a moment. As the President of Ocean Wishes, sometimes I am forced because of my job to think differently — ponder things that others may or may not ponder. My wife may say I was born thinking differently so maybe I’m just being me. Away, this morning… Continue Reading

Namaste Nepal has raised $2,005

Ocean Wishes is helping Nepal Earthquake victims From all of us at Ocean Wishes to all those who have supported and help us in our first major fundraiser a big “THANK YOU!” We will be sending a check for $2,000 dollars to the Red Cross this week. It will be the largest check in the… Continue Reading

Nepal hit by 7.3 earthquake!

Another earthquake hits Nepal! (From United Nations reports) Another earthquake has hit the already traumatized country of Nepal. On Wednesday afternoon, Nepal time, A 7.3 aftershock has killed at least 70 people and injured thousands. There has been over 140 aftershocks since the first 7.8 earthquake some two weeks ago. The aftershock was so powerful it… Continue Reading

Our first day of Namaste Nepal

A great beginning to Namaste Nepal We are a little upstart non-for-profit — with a big heart. A big thank you from all of us here at Ocean Wishes to all the donations overnight!  Also a HUGE “Thank You” to our new Director of Outreach and Operations, Melissa Guarino, she is the driving force with this fundraiser.… Continue Reading