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We at Ocean Wishes are asking for your help with donations of any kind. Small donations, big donations or any sort of donations to help this beautiful island rise out of the ashes of Irma and Maria.  With the sheer scale of the devastation hampering relief efforts, officials believe the recovery process will take several years and billions of dollars. Almost every building and every street in Dominica was either damaged or completely destroyed. The Food and Agriculture Organisation has reported that Hurricane Maria decimated Dominica’s agricultural sector, directly impacting the income and food security of a large proportion of the population.

It sounds hopeless, but Ocean Wishes still want to help this amazingly beautiful island.

Ocean Wishes promises to put the funds into the hands of organizations that can truly rebuild and help Dominica recover from two terrible Hurricanes. Please understand a little on a little can lead to a lot. And Dominica needs a lot of help.

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