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Namaste: Helping the earthquake victims of Nepal earthquake

My name is Melissa Pascal Guarino, I am the new Director of Outreach and Operations for Ocean Wishes. I recently arrived back home after spending six weeks overseas in Pokhara, Nepal. While there, I volunteered at a local orphanage, taught classes in a primary school, went trekking in the Annapurna Region of the Himalayan Mountains and learned more then I could ever share in one post. I went there with a mission to serve Nepal and their people. I feel so connected to these people after my time in their wonderful country.

10408702_10153372340713083_4370452059160693325_nThe Earthquake: As everyone knows, Nepal was hit with the worst earthquake they’ve seen in over 80 years. The death toll has risen to over 4,600 as of April 28th and is estimated torise to as high as 10,000 deaths. According to CNN, there are over 9,000 people injured and nearly 1 million children in urgent need of help. Kathmandu is the capital city, the most populated and loaded with travelers. It has been extremely devastated by the earthquake and the aftershocks.

Gorkha: Worse than Kathmandu though, Gorkha was the epicenter of the earthquake — a very remote village that has been hit the hardest. Their houses are all but destroyed, the roads have turned into piles of rumble — preventing aid and resources to get to them. The people of Gorkha are nearly out of water, food and power. In the areas surrounding Kathmandu and Gorkha there are many other villages with similar dire conditions.

11116095_10153381267408083_633375790_nOur outreach: Nepal is very dear to my heart. We, at Ocean Wishes plan to do everything we can to support the Nepal disaster relief efforts. Ocean Wishes has sold 100 of our “Namaste Nepal” t-shirts that I have designed in order to raise recover relief funds for Nepal. The prayer hands represent the Nepali culture and the loving lives they need. Lets come together and make a difference for this beautiful country. Proceeds will be going to the Red Cross to support all of their work and assistance in Nepal. We greatly appreciate all donations, large or small, for the “Namaste Nepal” fundraiser. We are currently out of Namaste Nepal t-shirts. Thank you for your generosity in continuing to donate. 

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