Volunteering with Ocean Wishes

Ocean Wishes has no paid employees or organizational overhead and our accomplishments are produced by our board members and volunteers.
If you feel you have something to offer and would like to volunteer with Ocean Wishes, please contact us.

How rewarding it is to be able to bring joy to a child in your community. Ocean Wishes would like to encourage you to help us educate children about our underwater world. Write us and tell us about your marine environment and what your community is doing to be more green. Volunteer on behalf of Ocean Wishes to organize a beach clean up or reef clean up. We will publish your images and information. Let us know how global warming is affecting your environment and what is being done about it. Volunteer to promote Ocean Wishes to your local dive shops and businesses. Volunteer to be our eyes and ears and let us know what is happening in your community.

Ocean Wishes
P.O. Box 291030
Columbia SC 29229
Telephone: 1-803-419-2556
International & Local: (011) 803.419.2556

E-mail: info@oceanwishes.org