Namaste Nepal has raised $2,005

Ocean Wishes is helping Nepal Earthquake victims

From all of us at Ocean Wishes to all those who have supported and help us in our first major fundraiser a big “THANK YOU!” We will be sending a check for $2,000 dollars to the Red Cross this week. It will be the largest check in the short history of our non-profit. I would love for it to be hundred times this amount, but it’s an incredible start and we still have another 27 days left to raise additional funds. Amazingly, we have sold out of all 100 Namaste Nepal t-shirts; we now have Ocean Wishes bracelets that you’ll receive with each $5 donation. So let’s keep giving!
Because I think important to be transparent when dealing with other peoples’ money — this is how the non-profit is process the funds raised.
Here’s how the costs breakdown:
  1. T-shirt costs: $700
  2. Labor cost: $0 (Melissa Guarino, our Outreach Director has donated all her time on this fundraiser. She has worked countless hours on this project that is near and dear to heart. We cannot thank her enough for her efforts on the first major fundraiser.)
  3. Shipping: Included in the cost of the t-shirts
  4. Check sent to Red Cross for Nepal: $2,005.00
  5. Reminder of the “Namaste Nepal” balance (As of June 2): $0

I hope this makes people more comfortable and safe donating to Ocean Wishes. I will do these sort of transparent expense reports to all our givers — since they are Ocean wishes.

News from Nepal

I would like to give a better report from Nepal, but the news chain has dried up. The only recent news report from the ground in Nepal was from Amnesty International. There was no a new news report from any major news gathers from Nepal since May 2nd — I guess the gloss and shimmer of the event has lost it’s ratings shine.

Here’s the link to what Amnesty International is reporting: End relief discrimination

Again, Thanks so much for everyones generous donations, Ocean Wishes, President Tom Peyton 

Let’s keep giving!



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