Reasons for giving

Be selfish and give today — just for a moment.

As the President of Ocean Wishes, sometimes I am forced because of my job to think differently — ponder things that others may or may not ponder. My wife may say I was born thinking differently so maybe I’m just being me. Away, this morning I awoke thinking about the question “Why we give.”

Why we give — a simple question, but maybe not so simple to answer. Because if we understood the important of sharing, I think there would be a lot more giving and maybe a little more peace.

Over the years, because of my financial condition, I gave my time — instead of my dollars. Helping others that were down and out with thoughtful listening and mindful answers or a buying meal for someone or a cup of coffee. I did what I could. I would give when I saw the boot for Jerry Lewis telethon. I would dump all the change from my all the crevasse’s of my car into a street corner homeless person, it wasn’t much — maybe over the decades of living it was a thousand dollar. But it was more of a common path of kindness not even close to a business of giving that we have plan to do with Ocean Wishes.


I gave because it felt good, not all day — but just for a moment — I felt maybe I made a difference in that person’s life. And I felt better about myself. I wish it was more complex than that, but scientific research backs me up on the “Better” feeling sensation. Scientists have seen chemical changes in the make-up of our bodies as we are in the process of giving. Not only is giving a divinely selfless act — maybe more importantly it is a selfish pleasurable act.

Should we feel guilty if the act of giving is more about how good we feel about ourselves rather that how much we helped the recipient — not at all. I would encourage everyone reading this to give today — and feel really good about it. Feel good that you are helping someone that maybe doesn’t know how to give or even worst doesn’t even know they have anything to give.

Being generous is good — so allow yourself to enjoy the feeling you have helped someone today who could not help themselves. Feel good that maybe your act of kindness could change your life — even if the receiver can’t get past their current conditions. Maybe someday, they will remember the moment you helped and then they will have the strength, later — to pay it forward and feel better about themselves.


One of the greatest givers on the planet was Mother Teresa. She spent her life giving to the poor. And I truly believe she lived by most of these quotes.

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into the giving.”

And my favorite: The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow — Do good anyway.”

I would encourage everyone to pick someone they admire and find their quote and life it for just a moment — not even a full day. Being positive — being hopeful — takes patience and practice, so don’t worry about doing it perfectly. Just for a moment today — be the change you want in the world. There are many reasons not to be giving or good — most of them are rooted in mistrust of others or our troubled society and because of this mistrust we protect ourselves from being hurt. So what — do good anyway.

Do good anyway — if not for the simple truth it feels better than protecting yourself from being hurt. There really is so much hurt in the world, so many wanting to believe that life is good. Be that change for good — if just for a moment.






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