What We Do

Ocean Wishes Primary Goal

Our primary goal is to help children from around the world learn about their ocean environment and to learn about conservation and protection of marine life and habitats. From educating kids to be our ambassadors of the sea, to protecting endangered marine animals, Ocean Wishes is dedicated to the promotion, protection, and preservation of our underwater world for future generations to enjoy.

Promotion through opportunity: Ocean Wishes gives children from around the world the opportunity to enjoy the ocean and become certified divers.

Protection and preservation through education: Ocean Wishes provides information and education about ways to protect and preserve marine environments.

What Ocean Wishes Does

  • Our Make-An-Ocean-Wish Program grants wish for underprivileged children and their families from around the world to participate in a week-long Kids Sea Camp.
  • Provides local sponsorship for children to become certified divers in their diving destination communities such as Grand Bahamas, Roatan, and Bonaire to participate in PADI scuba diving programs such as Junior Open water, Seal Team, and SASY programs.
  • Raises funds through Kids Sea Camp sponsored art auctions and contributing proceeds to Rogest outreach programs, local children foundations, schools, marine parks, and marine animal protection programs.
  • Provides funds for books, marine art programs and educational material for school groups.

Recent Ocean Wishes projects have included:

  • Providing fresh water and school supplies to the Malolo School in Fiji.
  • Providing funds for the Mud Whole School in Honduras.
  • Providing funds for the clinic caring for and rehabilitating injured Mosquito Indian divers and people with spinal injuries in Honduras.
  • Donating money to the Lichstein Project for Troubled Boys in Bonaire, Woman’s Diver Hall of Fame Charities, Ocean Pals, Oceans Four Youth, Shark Savers, World Wildlife Federation, and PADI Project Aware.

Ocean Wishes offers children throughout the world the opportunity to enjoy a week-long family dive adventure. Sponsorship for families from around the world that are underprivileged, from inner cities or going through hardship or loss, to participate in an ocean adventure.