Founders Of Ocean Wishes

About Tom Peyton, President of Ocean Wishes

Tom Peyton, vice president of Family Dive Adventures,  became a diver when he met Margo Peyton in 2005. Certified in Curacao with Ocean Encounters together with his new step son Robbie and daughter Jennifer, Tom has embraced diving and working with children around the world with his new family. Tom’s is a notable writer and winner of many national international design awards as an art director, photo editor, illustrator, painter and designer.

Tom loves to paint with kids and donate his time and artwork through Ocean Wishes. He generally donates his artwork for auctions and gifts to the charities of Ocean Wishes, Beneath The Sea and Ocean Pals.


About Margo Peyton, Vice President of Ocean Wishes

President of Kids Sea Camp Inc & Family Dive Adventures; Margo has dedicated her life to bringing families and diving together through family adventures. She works with local schools doing seminars and educational marine-oriented classroom presentations, career days and will speak at colleges, events and fundraisers. Mrs. Peyton contributes to many other charities, as well as donating proceeds, trips and art work for silent auctions where 100% of funds to the associations.

Margo Peyton, “Scuba Mom”: Margo an avid diver since 1989, a PADI Dive Instructor and a travel enthusiast, she is a 2009 member of The Woman’s Scuba Diving Hall, a professional photographer and artist. Margo’s love and dedication to diving and the ocean drove her to create a complete program designed to give families a memorable opportunity to enjoy the underwater world with their children and grand children.

Margo has created, through Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures, an experience of a lifetime for adults and kids, meeting other kids from around the world learning to dive, as well as building a common thread to love and protect our oceans, and ensuring the future of diving for years to come.

Through the years, Margo has been reaching out to children less fortunate than her own and providing them with opportunities through supporting outreach programs created during her camp weeks.

Painting with kids and raising money for their schools and local reef environmental programs, inspired her to do this on a greater level. Margo wanted to give back to the people and the destinations that she brought families from around the world to meet. Through auctions at Kids Sea Camp events, and through the generosity of participating families who have contributed and supported Ocean Wishes with school supplies, sports equipment and financial donations, Margo has created a giant pay-it-forward agenda with Kids Sea Camp. This is how Ocean Wishes came to be.

About Melissa Guarino, Director of outreach and operations

Melissa Pascal Guarino has been a Kids Sea Camp kid since our first year in 2001. From Sasy, Seal Team and Jr. Open Water, to Advanced, Rescue and now PADI Divemaster, she’s traveled the world, and become a professional diver along the way. Now on staff for both Kids Sea Camp and Ocean Wishes Foundation, Melissa is sharing her love for the water world and scuba diving with the next generation of campers.

She is thrilled to be incorporating her passion for service through Ocean Wishes as our new Director of outreach and operations. She has earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology. Melissa is now studying for her masters degree in marriage and family therapy. She continues to thrive on exotic travel adventures as she dives, backpacks and beach combs her way around the world.